Cardiac Challenge
In December 2015, the Campbell lab will run a Cardiac Challenge. Our goal is to help patients who have heart failure. We will split any donations we receive between:

What is the Cardiac Challenge?
  • Run 5 km (3.1 miles) every day, or alternatively exercise for at least 25 minutes.

  • Ken is on track to run 5 km every day in 2015.

  • Email Ken Campbell ( if you want to join us.

How do I donate?
How will my donation help?
  • Every little bit helps. Here are some examples of how your donation will make a difference.

    Amount Patient support group Student-driven research 
    $5 Gas cards (see note 1 below) Rubber gloves for handling cardiac samples.
    $25 Medical alert bracelents (see note 2) Chemicals to perform experiments.
    $100 Art therapy or mindfulness training for a single patient (see note 3) Kit to measure proteins in failing hearts.
    $500 Art therapy or mindfulness training for a large group Allows an undergraduate student to perform research for 2 weeks during the summer vacation.

    1. Many of our patients have to drive 3+ hours to attend follow-up appointments at the University of Kentucky. (Public transport is limited in much of our state.) Inability to pay for gas is the most frequent reason patients miss their appointments.

    2. Bracelets help emergency responders and non-specialist healthcare professionals to provide the best care for our patients if they are not able to explain their condition themselves.

    3. Helps patients and their care-givers to cope with stress and anxiety.

I want to know more about what you do

Can I still help if I live outside the US?
  • Definitely. Unfortunately, the University of Kentucky Giving site can't accept donations from credit cards that don't have US billing addresses. You can, however, use your credit card if you call Marlene at USA (+1) 859 257 7305. Remember to tell her that you want to give to the "Campbell lab and support group gift fund".

  • Another option, that might be more tax efficient for non-US residents, is to give to a different national organization. Every country has patients who need better options. Some great examples of important organizations include:

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