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Lab Alumnus Stuart G Campbell setting up Keeneland

Lab Alumnus W. Kelsey Snapp excited to be working out Keenland.

Charles S Chung working on a completed Keenland setup.  (No, its not usually this bright in there! - Its usually very red to prevent photobleaching of our calcium indicator.)
Keeneland is a custom built system for measuring sarcomere length profiles and calcium transients in intact cells (cardiomyoctes).

The system includes:
1) A dedicated Nikon inverted microscope
2) A 4-axis Syskyou stage controller
3) A custom heated stage
4) A PTI deltaRamX System
5) Aurora HVSL sarcomere length monitoring
6) GiGE video monitoring
7) custom external pacing, perfusion and temperature control.

The Keeneland system is unique compared to turnkey intact cell systems in its high-throughput ability to repeatedly measure intact cells.  We've recently published two papers utilizing the unique rapid acquisition allowed by this system: