MyoSim is computer software that you can use to simulate the mechanical properties (force, shortening, power output, etc.) of striated muscles. All of the code, along with tutorials and examples, can be downloaded under the GPL licence.


SLControl is a computer program that helps perform sophisticated single muscle fiber experiments. It was written from scratch by Ken Campbell in ~2000 and is still in daily use in several labs around the world.


GelBandFitter is a computer program that uses non-linear regression techniques to fit mathematical functions to densitometry profiles of protein gels. This allows for improved quantification of gels with partially overlapping and potentially asymmetric protein bands. The program was developed by Mihail Mitov, Marion Greaser (UW-Madison) and Ken Campbell and can also be used to analyze immunoblots with closely-spaced bands.


DEngine (which stands for Distributed computing ENGINE) is a collection of computer programs that allows multiple machines to work together (using 'spare' screen-saver processing power) to solve large-scale mathematical problems. The initial version of the software package was posted on the internet by Ken Campbell in 2007.


MMoth (which stands for Multiscale Model of the Heart) is a collaborative project to build a finite element model of the heart that grows and evolves over time. The research team is led by Ken Campbell (Co-PI), Jonathan Wenk (Co-PI), Lik-Chuan Lee (Co-I), and Chris Yengo (Co-I).
  Compliant filaments

Object-oriented computer code written in MATLAB that simulates the mechanical properties of a single pair of extensible thick and thin filaments. This code is a development of a model published in the Biophysical Journal in 2006.

You can download the source code as a GIT repository from


A MATLAB-based system that uses POV-Ray to render 3D images of sarcomeres.

This code is currently in alpha-release. Contact Ken Campbell with questions.

GelBox is a very simple analysis tool for comparing band densities on gels or immunoblots.

The software is demonstrated in this video.

Download the code as a simple to install MATLAB package.

Object-orientated computer code written in MATLAB for simulating in vitro motility assays. This code is currently under active development.

Contact Ken Campbell with questions.

Computer code written in C++ to perform spatially-explicit simulations of half-sarcomeres. This project was inspired by the spatially-explicit models developed by researchers including Tom Daniel (University of Washington), Srba Mijailovich (Harvard), and Bert Tanner (Washington State University).

The source code (Visual Studio 2010) is available from Ken Campbell by request.